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When more than 25 years ago, the engineering designer and passionate motorboat-driver Roland Sand asked himself the crucial question why most motorboats only achieve a relatively low speed in spite of the high power of the engine, he couldn´t imagine yet that twenty years later he would have developped a product by himself, which should improve the efficiency of motorboats tremendously:



After intensive researches and experience the idea was quickly born. A drive-system was needed, which combines the thrust of a submerged propeller, the less drag of a surface-piercing propeller, the direct transmission of power of a direct-shaft drive and the maneuverability and trim of a conventional Z-Drive.

But Roland Sand soon realized that putting that idea into action was more difficult than he first thought. It was soon realized that only a Surface-piercing-system was the right base for that new invention. But a solution had to be found to stop that invenitably ventilating of conventional surface-drives.

SAROachived that with the revolutionary invention of the Tunnel above the Propeller !

It was pretty soon shown that this Tunnel made it possible to combine all the positive characteristics of the conventional drive systems in one system, called the SARO-TUNNEL-PROP-SYSTEM.

After a long and intensive periode of developping the first prototyps to the serial maturity of the product it was patented worldwide. SARO decided in 1995 to market their product on the world market in order to make it accessible to the boat- and shipbuilders.

Up to now out of that decission SARO has developped a business with worldwide customers and a product-range of SARO-Systems for the current marine engines from 30HP up to over 1000HP diesel engines. SARO tries to extend their product-range steadily and to increase the efficiency of the SARO-Drives regularly.

Furthermore, SARO attaches great importance to reliability of their products as well as to the customers service. We are convinced that you´ll also be convinced of the performance of SARO-Drives !